1987-2007 Kawasaki KLR650 engine crash bar
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Kawasaki KLR650 standard crash bars, Fits 1987-2007, 
Heavy duty standard crash bars for 1987-2007 KLR650
Hand-crafted in Canada, made from 1 inch steel tubing. Not imported.
Protects your engine and radiator, will not interfere with your legs.
Easy bolt on installation.
POWDER-COATED FINISH. Includes durable, high quality, chip resistant electrostatic coating!
Includes hardware kit.
This product includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Remove Right side lower subframe bolt
Remove 2 long bolts that hold engine to frame
Hold Right side crash bar in position and install included 35mm subframe bolt
Install 2 long bolts up front
Remove Left side lower subframe bolt
Install Left side crash bar
Install nuts on front 2 bolts
Tighten all bolts




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1987-2007 Kawasaki KLR650 engine crash bar

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