klr650 crash bar
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Heavy duty front engine crash bar for 2008-2016 KLR650

1 inch  powder coated steel tubing

Easy bolt on installation

Protects your engine and radiator

Fits IMS gas tanks

Does not interfere with your leg position

Works with stock skidplate and happy trail,ricochet,jns enginieering skidplates

Lifetime warranty


Remove skidplate

Remove the right hand side lower subframe bolt

Remove the 2 long bolts that hold the engine to the frame

Hold the right hand side crash bar in position and install the new 35 mm  subframe bolt

Install the 2 long bolts up front

Remove the left hand side lower subframe bolt

Install the left side crash bar

Install the nuts on the front 2 bolts

Tighten all bolts





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2008-2016 Kawasaki KLR 650 engine crashbar

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